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January 2015 -- Mark Anthony Brown is excited for what God has in store

for 2015. After being struck with the commonly known infection Bell's Palsy

in late July Mark is ready to hit the road delivering the word of our Lord and

Savior in testimony and song. " It was tough, probably the toughest thing

I have ever dealt with. I had concerts approaching and could not even talk

much less sing. But with prayer, faith, support of family, the band and the

host of the events I went on and did the best I could for the Lord. We have got 

to remember it is not about us but about Him. I took the rest of 2014 growing

closer to God and healing. God has perfect timing for everything and I trust in

Him and give Him the glory for all things good and bad." Mark's love and faith

for God above makes him a joy to be around and makes him stick out to us

as a future spotlight artist. To contact Mark for your 2015 event visit


July 2014 --  What a great way to spend a Friday night! Bring the

family on August 15, 6pm as Mark Anthony Brown leads the 4th annual

Glennie Lankford Outdoor Gospel Sing. Join us as songs of Praise

are sang to the Heavens. Also appearing will be Glovers! But, the

evening does not end there. The Kelly Community will also host an

'Open Mic'. Anyone wishing to sing Praise and Gospel music is

encouraged to sign up. We will sing late into the night and not turn

off the mic until we run out of singers!




March 2014 -- Big things to look for with singer/songwriter Mark Anthony Brown in 2014.

Mark is expecting to be back in the studio toward the end of the year with his second

album. "I am so excited. It's always exciting when you start making preperations

to head back in the studio. I have some great friends who are amazing song

writers and I really look forward to putting some originals on there as well.

I pray that God just takes control, people are blessed and most of all souls are

saved. I also love the fact that music and songs helps those who are

homeless and hungry here in the USA and abroad. In 2013 I was blessed

enough to be on the Sound of Hope cd with so many other great artist. 100% of

sales of this cd or downloads go to feed hungry orphan children, I mean how

awesome is that." We look forward to the release of Mark's next album. The "His At Calvary"

album has had several number 1 spots in radio and has blessed people all over the

country and downloaded in places around the world. You can visit Mark at




 December 2013 -- Big Al's Gospel Express Show Top Ten is in for the month of

December and the #1 spot goes to Mark Anthony Brown's "You Know Me" for the

second consecutive month. "You Know Me" is from Mark's first ten song album titled

"His At Calvary" recorded in Nashville, TN. Mark says " Wow how cool is this. I am so

honored and blessed to even be on a radio show like Big Al's Gospel Express Show

 out of Texas with so many great artist and groups and to have so many people to

like "You Know Me" is just an awesome feeling. I am nothing without God and I am

so thankful to Him for all things, may He get the glory for all we do. We are all on the

same team, the team for God and our ultimate goals are to see souls saved and to

be living a dream of singing and spreading the word through song is very humbling.

I want to take a second and thank everyone for requesting and voting for "You Know Me"

it means so much to me. I also want to send a very Merry Christmas to everyone and may

we always remember what Christmas is truly about. I love you all and God Bless." What a

exciting year for gospel music. I look forward to what God has ahead for Mark and all the

other artist and groups out winning souls for the Lord. Merry Christmas and God Bless you

all and we'll see you in 2014. 




November 2013-- Singer songwriter Mark Anthony Brown song "You Know Me" has

got the #1 spot on Big Al's Gospel Express Show's Top Ten for November. Its no wonder

that this catchy tune has been in the top ten since its debut in February attracting fans from 

all over the country. Mark says " I am amazed at how God continues to bless me. I love singing

with all my heart and to be able to do it for my Lord and Savior is a feeling that is hard to put

into words. I am nothing without God and I am so thankful to Him for everything in my life. I want to

say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I love you all and can't thank you enough for your support

with my music and the votes and request. God bless you all." You can listen to the Gospel Express Show

live daily at and don't forget to vote and request your favorite artist or group. 




October 2013 -- The Gospel Express Show's monthly top ten is up for October and

Singer/Songwriter Mark Anthony Brown has again made the cut. Mark's "You Know Me" has had

a spot on Big Al's Gospel Express Show top ten since its debut in March. The Gospel Express

Show from Cedar Point, TX has an Arbitron rating of 32 million listeners and rated #2 in the

market place behind Salem Broadcasting. Mark says, "I am always just so honored when I get the

news every month that I am on there. I am so blessed to be doing what I love to do and share the 

top ten with so many great folks such as The Brewer's, Alan Jackson, Adam Crabb, Legacy Five

and more. God is so good to me. To have a dream of singing and to be spreading His word through

song and to have my name mentioned with people like this just wow's me. The Gospel Express Show

is awesome and I am so glad to be a part of it." Mark is also looking forward to his two 2013 nominations

for USAGEM's "New Artist of the Year" and the Atrist Guilde "Male Vocalist of the Year." Feel free to visit to vote or request your favorite artist.




August 2013 -- Congradulations to singer/songwriter Mark Anthony Brown

for another month in the top 10 of the Gospel Express Show music charts.

Mark's song "You Know Me" from the "His At Calvary" album continues to stay

in the top ten since its debut in March of this year. "You Know Me" is a powerful 

song with a up beat tempo that is sure to get your foot tapping 

and singing along. Written by Ben Storie and Jeff Pitzer and recorded by Mark

in Nashville, TN., "You Know Me" tells of how God knows us no matter what face we

put on for everyone else, and the amazing love He has for us. We look forward

to more releases by artist Mark Anthony Brown.




 July 2013 -- Gospel singer/songwriter and Hopkins Co. native

Mark Anthony Brown has been nominated by the United States Association of

Gospel Entertainers and Musicians (USAGEM) for the "2013 New Artist of the Year"

award. Mark says, "It is a honor to be nominated by the USAGEM. I have met so many 

great poeple in this orginization and I am so thankful to be considered again for this

award. USAGEM is like a big family spreading the word of our Lord and Savior through

song, preaching, comedy and on and on. I am just very blessed and give all the glory

to God in Heaven." The nominations will be announced at the USAGEM Birthday Bash

Saturday August 10th at the indoor arena at the KOA Campground located on

Music Valley Drive in Nashville, TN. Music will start at 3p.m. There will also be lots of food, fun,

and fellowship! 

After the official announcements are made, voting will begin for the final ballot. The winners

will be announced during the televised 10th Annual USAGEM Award Show scheduled for 

 Saturday November 16, 2013 at the historic Wallace Chapel located on the campus of Christ

Church in Nashville, TN.




 June 2013 -- Big Al's Gospel Express show has released the top ten charts 

for the month of June. The amazing Guy Penrod is holding the number  #1 spot with Mark

Anthony Brown in the number  #2 spot with "You Know Me". Mark say's, " Our God is amazing

and none of this would even be possible without our Lord and Savior in Heaven. I am just blessed 

to be singing His music and spreading His word. I am still just humbled and honored to be on 

a chart with so many great christians and artist like Guy Penrod, Brian Free, His Love Song, Legacy

Five and others. May God get all the glory and may lost souls be saved, that's what its all about." 

You Know Me has been in the top 10 of several charting stations since its release in March and 

according to Gospel 45 Now Radio Promotion it is still going strong at several non-charting stations

as well. Mark has recently been nominated for the "Favorite Male Vocalist of the Year 2013" with the 

prestigious Artist Music Guild. Voting for the Artist Music Guild nominee's will be opening soon. The 

Artist Music Guild award program will be held November 9, 2013 at the beautiful Heritage USA in

Ft. Mill, SC. with Grammy Award Winning Chubby Checker as host.



Gospel 45 Now Radio Promotions is Pleased to Announce That

Mark Anthony Brown Has Been Nominated as "Favorite Male Vocalist

of the Year 2013" with the Artists Music Guild--Raleigh, NC, June 10, 2013 --(


Gospel 45 Now Radio Promotions is pleased to announce that Mark Anthony

Brown has been nominated as "Favorite Male Vocalist Of The Year 2013" with the

prestigious Artists Music Guild. Mark Anthony Brown is a member of the Gospel 45 Now

Radio Promotions family. Mark released his single, "You Know Me" to radio and

it debuted in the Top 10 Chart of many markets and is still showing strong at many of

the radio stations after several months of air play.

The Artists Music Guild will have their awards program on Nov. 9, 2013 at the

beautiful Heritage USA in Ft. Mill, SC. The host for 2013 Heritage Awards is the Grammy

Award Winning, Chubby Checker.



 April 2013 --  Singer Songwriter Mark Anthony Brown debuted song, " You Know Me"

has consistently been in the Top 10 charts of several market places including the #1 spot on

the Lighthouse Broadcast Network from the Gospel Caravan Top Ten. Mark says, "It is such an

honor to be on these charts. It means that people like the music I am putting out and most of

all hearing the message that are in the songs. I truly appreciate all the Radio Stations and Dj's

playing my songs and for my friends who support me and listen to these station all over the Nation.

I am also honored to be part of Gospel 45 Now with Ruthie Brewer and so many other great artist."

You can read Mark Anthony Brown's CD Review in the May issue of Southern Gospel





 March 2013 -- The Lighthouse Broadcasting Network of Hayesville, NC

has singer/songwriter Mark Anthony Brown's song "You Know Me" at the number 4 spot

this week. LBN Internet Ministry is an outreach ministry of Cross Point Ministry in Hayesville,

NC. Mark said, "I am just amazed how God keeps working in my life. I am just honored to be

along side so many great groups and artist spreading the word of Jesus to as many people

as possible. We have always got to remember it is not about us, it is about Him and I will always

give Him the praise and glory. I am very thankful to all those who enjoy my music and the message

it delivers and I just pray for God to keep using me and for hearts to be touched and souls to be

saved because thats what it is all about." You can visit LBN Internet Ministry at

and continue to request great songs like Mark Anthony Brown's "You Know Me".



  March 2013 -- Singer/Songwriter Mark Anthony Brown is off to a great 

start with his very first single release "You Know Me" from the "His At Calvary" album.

Big Al's "Gospel Express" Show in Austin, TX. has Mark in the #10 spot for March.

Mark says, " I am very honored to be in the top ten with so many great groups and artist.

I take credit for nothing and give God all the glory. I pray that many hearts are touched

and most of all we can win souls for our Lord and Savior." Keep an eye on this song 

from Mark as it continues to climb in the charts. 



 Another Gospel45 Now artist in the Top 10! Congratulations...Mark Anthony Brown!!!!


10. TIE:



Hey friends, family, fans of in or visit Big Al's

"Gospel Express" Show and request Mark's new

radio single....."You Know Me" Thanks!



Everyone please contact this station....Mark is in the play rotation and we would

love to get him charted! Request his new single..."You Know Me" Thanks!





February 2013 -- -- Mark Anthony Brown has agreed to

Gospel 45 Now Radio Promotions to promote his single...."You Know Me". Mark has the sweetest

rendition of this song.....DJ's you can download this song and fans....request this at your favorite

station...will be out there soon.




 February 2013 --  Indie Gospel Artist project "The Sound of Hope" is now available for pre-order.

This special project which includes 14 songs from 14 different artist such as Mark Anthony Brown's song "You

Know Me" is a must have.  "The Sound of Hope" is a fund raising project of the "Indie Gospel Artists" network.

It is comprised of a compilation Cd, video, and table display, all designed as a cohesive package. The network

has a Worthy Charities program as part of it's mission to win souls and feed kids. The Change for Children section

gathers funds for over 1,200 orphans and supporting Ministries,  who are all members of WAAOM.  We want to

help these orphans, but not just through Internet sales of Cd's. We have a professional video, and a table display

to bring home the plight of these orphans in a way that touches hearts. We provide the CD as a thank-you gift for

love offerings. Anyone who has the desire, is therefore empowered to reach out to their Church family.  A single

artist performing a song in Church, or a live benefit concert, can also be followed with CD sales from a display

table to fund these children. Inspiring songs can really motivate people, and the appropriately themed and

packaged CD can spread "The Sound of Hope" to family and friends in the wider community. To enhance this

outreach, the Cd will be available at all venues of "The Love Offering Tour" - aiding missions of compassion through

the Ministry of music. Visit and get yours today.




Gospel 45 Now Radio Promotions is excited to add the artist, Mark Anthony Brown of Kentucky

with his new single, “You Know Me” written by Jeff Pitzer and Ben Storie. DJ’s we know your

audience willl love this song…download it here.



 January 19, 2013 -- Singer / Songwriter Mark Anthony Brown is off to a great start this 2013. 

JB's Indie Gospel Top Ten Radio Show has Mark's "Things I've Never Done" written by Justin Rivers and

John Darin Rowsey off the "His At Calvery" album posted at the #1 spot for the week of January 19th. Mark

also took part in the JB's Gospel Music Top Ten blog radio show with host James Banfield. Mark says, "It is a

blessing to know that people like the music you put out there. My prayer is for people to hear the message

in the songs and that the message saves a soul or draws someone that may have strayed from our

Lord and Savior back to Him. I give God the glory for all things.  Without Him nothing is possible."  Look for big

things from this blessed artist and stay tuned for more big news from Mark Anthony Brown. 




  November 8, 2012 -- "As Thanksgiving comes upon us we have so much to be thankful for," says

singer / songwriter Mark Anthony Brown. Mark says, " we all have good days and bad days but over all the good

always out shines the bad. I always give thanks to God not only for the great things he gives me daily but also

the trials in my life. Sometimes the trials keep us humble and close to Him. I am thankful that He sent His son Jesus

to die for my sins, I am thankful for my family, my daughter Keeley, my wonderful fiance Jamye, my friends, and

I am so thankful that He allows me the opportunity to go out across this nation spreading His word."  Mark is scheduled

to be at Eastside Baptist Church in Russellville, KY on Sunday November 11th at 6 pm. Mark will also have the

honor of performing two songs with the Eastside Baptist Youth Group "The Kids of Faith" during this special

Thanksgiving concert.




 October 2012 -- Christian Country singer / songwriter Mark Anthony Brown has set forth on another

exciting adventure this month. Mark has recently singed a management deal with President Woodie Kicthen of

Woodie Records in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Mark says, " I am honored to be associated with Woodie

Records. Woodie Kitchen is a great man of God who loves music and is really  focused on the artist.                                                      

Its not how much money you have with Woodie. It is the desire and want to sing from your heart and for God's glory 

to deliver a message for so many to hear. Woodie is a hard worker and wants to see his artist do good."

Mark Anthony Brown and Woodie Records are going to start recording at the first part of 2013. Mark says, "There

is a lot to look forward to next year. God is the reason I sing, and that is the most important part of all of this,

keeping God first and spreading His word throughout the land."

Mark has a set list that ranges from Old Hymns, Southern Gospel, Inspirational & Christian Country, Black Gospel,

Contemporary Gospel and more.

Mark is an artist that sings from his heart at small churches, large churches, cowboy churches, benefits, state and

county fairs, revivals and homecomings and accepts love offerings to help cover his expenses. We look for God to

do great things with this up and coming new artist.




  August 22, 2012 -- James Banfield of N. Carolina announced that Mark Anthony Brown's song 

"You Know Me" from the His At Calvary album has moved to the #1 spot this week on the James Banfield's Indie 

Gospel Top Ten. "You Know Me" is a powerful up beat song that will grab your attention, make your feet start moving

and cause you to sing along. Congradulations Mark Anthony Brown.




 July 31, 2012 --  Christian recording artist Mark Anthony Brown's song "You Know Me" written

by Jeff Pitzer and Ben Storie is climbing the chart on James Banfield's top ten songs. "You Know Me" is at

the # 5 spot this week. Mark says, " You Know Me is a great song. Jeff and Ben are amazing

writers and I am blessed that I got to record it. God does know us, more than anyone can imagine. I am very

thankful to Jeff and Ben and for James allowing it to be on his playlist. I am also very blessed that I have family,

friends, and other artist who enjoy my music as I do theirs, we listen and support each other. Like I

always say though, I take credit for nothing and give God the glory for all things."  You can check out JB's Top

Ten Songs on the Indie Gospel Artist website at listen to some great tunes and keep supporting

your favorite artist.




http://southerngospelmagazine  June 2012 - - Southern Gospel Magazine is honored to have the legendary

Marty Raybon on the June cover.  Most may remember Marty Raybon as the sound or the voice of the

country group "Shenandoa".  Marty is one of the most respected recording artist in the nation.  Marty has

many #1 hits and awards under his belt and gives God credit for it all. Go to

and read this amazing story on Marty Raybon.  Also in the June issue is new and upcoming Country Christian

Artist Mark Anthony Brown. Mark is featured on pages 2 and 3 in this months issue.  There is also something

new for the readers in this months edition of the Southern Gospel Magazine.  There is a question about

one of the artist featured and the answer will be found on that artist web site.  The first reader to email

the correct answer for the question to will win a free cd from that artist. So go to and check out all the latest singing news, artist, and your

chance to win a free cd. 




 http://southerngospelmagazine April 2012 - - As Southern Gospel Magazine continues to grow

 so do the Artist in it. God is doing amazing things with Southern Gospel Magazine, using it to reach

people and touch people all over the nation.  One of those growing artist is Mark Anthony Brown

a Hopkins County native.  Mark has an amazing testimony to share from where he once was in life to where 

he is today.  Mark sings with a passion that will catch your attention from the start and leave no doubt 

that he is singing from a pure heart full of love and joy for his Heavenly Father.  Mark is featured on pages 2 and 3

in this months issue.  Join people from all over America with Southern Gospel Magazine and see artist 

like Mark Anthony Brown.




 http://southerngospelmagazine October 2011 - - Mark Anthony Brown, A Born Again Christian

and Gospel singer who loves and sings all types of gospel music. Mark is proud to be part of the Homeland

Entertainment-Mont Eagle Record Label in Nashville , TN., MCM World Media in Virginia Beach , VA.

and a member of the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians.

 Mark loves the opportunity that God has given him to fulfill his dream of singing.  

Mark says, "Its such an honor and privilege to share the word of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

through song."  Mark is a gospel artist that is filled with the Holy Spirit, and all the Glory is given to God. 

 Mark's ultimate goal is to see lost souls saved.

Mark single release "Witness" charted #2 on the Southern Gospel Charts via
Radio Active Airplayand he has recently been nominated for 2011
New Artist of the Year by theUnited States Association
of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians. The 2011 USAGEM awards show
will be heldNovember 19th at the Texas Troubadour Theatre in Nashville, TN.  

Mark wants to come to your place of worship and share the amazing word of our Lord
And Savior through song.
To book Mark at your 2012 event visit him on his web site,
 email him at or visit him at Mark A. Brown on Facebook.
Mark's new album "His At Calvary" is hot off the press and now available for purchase.
Ten songs that was written by greats such as Gerald Crabb, Chris Binion, Josh Turner,
Marty Funderburk, Ray Boltz and many more.
This CD is sure to bless your heart.Get your copy today.

iSurfNews - HOPKINS COUNTY, KY (9/2/11)—Madisonville native Mark Brown has had an

affinity for music since a young age, and while his musical style and goals have undergone

sweeping changes, his natural talent for writing music has recently landed him a very

honorable spot amongst 5 top artists nominated for the “2011 New Artist of the Year” award.

Voted in by members of the Nashville-based United States Association of Gospel Entertainers

and Musicians (USAGEM), Brown and his collection of gospel-based songs will be judged

against some of the nation’s best artists at Nashville’s Texas Troubadour Theatre this

upcoming November. In fact, the awards ceremony will be a nationally televised event

watched by thousands all over the country. 

As the USAGEM states, “Many artists within the ranks of the USAGEM have been blessed
with success in the music industry, having appeared on countless television programs;
winning Grammy Awards, Dove Awards and numerous other industry honors; having
written and/or performed numerous No. 1 Gospel/Christian songs. But, in spite of their
success, most USAGEM members are down-to-earth ‘servants’ who come together to
fellowship with their fellow-servant members and to learn how to become more effective
ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” 
And, through an exclusive interview with Brown found below, iSurf News
learned that the singer-songwriter is just that—a talented, down-to-earth
servant and messenger of God. 

In regard to his life and relationship to our region,
Brown says that, “I was born and raised in Hopkins
County, KY. My parents are Tony Brown and
Helen Ann Kelley Brown who still reside in Hopkins
County. I have a younger brother Brian Brown that
lives in Nashville, TN and I have a 15-year-old
daughter, Keeley Brown. I graduated from
Madisonville North Hopkins High School in 1992
and I currently live in Russellville, KY.  Outside
of singing and writing, I work as a locomotive
engineer for the RJ Corman Railroad Company.
When I am away from work, or if I’m not traveling
and singing, I love anything outdoors, such as
hunting, fishing, and more.” 
When asked if he has always been drawn to music and writing,
Brown explains that, “I have always loved music for as long as
I can remember. I loved all types of music growing up—classical,
rock, and Christian. I enjoyed listening to artist such as Elvis,
Johnny Cash, The Happy Goodmans
and so many more. There was nothing that I did not try to listen to; of course
my favorite was country.”
However, Brown’s musical journey through the years is anything but “cut and
dry.” In fact, he explains that his earlier involvement with playing and writing more
entertainment-based music led to deeper self-awareness and helped to bring
religion into his life. 
“I have a very different outlook on my involvement with music today compared to the 90’s.
My journey has been interesting to say the least,” says Brown. “In the 90’s I was hitting
every bar or summer jam that I could find. I was only focused on myself. To be rich and
famous was my only goal. Writing and singing most all of my own songs, I thought I was
on my way to the top. I will never forget being asked to sing in church and refusing the request.
There was no way I was singing in a church. I found out the hard way, that if you do not use
what God has given you, and praise him daily for those talents, he will take them from you.
For many years I did not sing and could not write a song—not even a poem. I had abused
what God had given me. I believed with all my heart that God had taken my talent away
from me. One night, after years of not doing anything musically, I saw a gospel group on TV.
As I listened to the group sing, I felt overwhelmed. Regret and sorrow filled my heart and it
was then I realized my mistakes.  For so many years I had wasted my God-given talent.
That night I rededicated my life to the Lord. Amazingly a few days later, I sat down and
wrote and song that I know God put in my heart. I entitled the song ‘Witness’ and that’s
what I would be for my Lord and Savior. God has done amazing things with this song.
It has charted #2 nationwide via Radio Active Airplay and is even played in other countries.
In 2010, I signed with Homeland Entertainment-Monteagle Record Label in Nashville, TN.
Since then I’ve had the opportunity to share God’s word through song at many different venues.”
Yet, for all his notable musical successes so far, Brown says that he was very surprised to
find out that he had been nominated for the USAGEM’s “2011 New Artist of the Year Award.” 
brown3.JPGAs Brown explains of getting the good news, “I
recently received a phone call from Lynn Fox of The
Fox Brothers. Lynn shared the news to me that I’d
been nominated for ‘2011 New Artist of the Year’ in
the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers
and Musicians based in Nashville, TN. I was extremely
surprised and honored to hear this information. I feel
very blessed to be in the top 5 in this category.”


Though Brown’s musical talents encompass a diversity
of faith-oriented genres and styles, such as Christian
country, contemporary, southern gospel, old hymns,
and beyond, he explains that his central message remains
“The message I want to share is the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ,” says Brown.
“God sent his only son to die for our sins. We are all sinners—just sinners saved by the grace
of God. I pray that my message will touch someone in the way that I was touched. If someone is
lost, they can be saved. Or, if someone has strayed like I had, they can be redeemed.” 
To learn more about Mark Brown, his music, and his forthcoming album, check out his official
website at  or send him an email at
You can also contact him on Facebook by searching “Mark A. Brown.” 
Luke Short
iSurf News






/ PRBuzz/ August 25, 2011 - - Mark Brown has recently been voted in the top 5 for "2011 New Artist
of the Year" by the United States Association of Gospel Musicians and Entertainers based out of
Nashville, TN.  The Gospel awards show and convention will be held in November at the Texas
Troubadour Theatre in Nashville, TN.
Mark Brown is a Born Again Christian and Gospel singer who loves and sings all types of gospel
music.  Mark is proud to be part of the Homeland Entertainment-MontEagle Record Label in
Nashville, TN., MCM World Media in Virginia Beach, VA. and a member of the United States Association
of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians.  Mark says, "It's such an honor and privilege to share the word
of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through song."  Mark is a gospel artist that is filled with the
Holy Spirit, and all the Glory is given to God.  Mark's ultimate goal is to see lost souls saved.

/PRBuzz / July 8, 2011 - - Mark Brown, a Christian Country Artist who calls the Bluegrass State
home will be in concert at Henshaw Christian Church in Morganfield, KY on July 30, 2011.  Henshaw
Church has been in the Morganfield area since 1896 so it is a popular gathering spot for local
worshippers. Mark is always eager to support churches from his home state of Kentucky but more
importantly he just loves to sing for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  This is a great sing for him to
participate in due to the close
proximity to his hometown.  The Henshaw church tradition of bringing the community together and
cooking BBQ with all the fixings is a tradition that dates back to 1993 according to the churches website. 

It's an honor to be a part of this great event at Henshaw Christian Church," stated Mark.  "Hopefully
they will enjoy the singing and worship that goes along with it.  I thank God for allowing me to work
for him in this capacity."

The churches address is: Henshaw Christian Church, 237 Chapel Hill Rd. Morganfield, KY 42437.
  For more information on the BBQ please call (270) 333-4439.

Mark also has plans to tour the Carolinas in late 2011 and into 2012. 
/ PRBuzz / May 27, 2011 - - Kentucky native Mark Brown recently signed a publicity agreement
with MCM Universal, LLC, a Virginia Beach, VA company. Markis a born again Christian and
gospel singer who loves and sings all types of gospel music. Mark is proud to be part of the
United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians. He loves the opportunity that
God has given him to fulfill his dream of singing. Mark says, "It's such an honor and privilege
 to share the word of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through song."  Mark is a gospel artist
that is filled with the Holy Spirit, and all the Glory is given to God.  His ultimate goal is to see lost
souls saved. 

 Mark's first original single release "Witness" is now being played nationwide via and charted #2 nationwide.  "Witness" is also available on CD,
for information on how to get your copy visit his contact page.

"I am very proud that MCM Universal is associated with Mark," quoted Woodie Kitchen,
MCM Universal Vice President.  "He has a wonderful ministry and loves serving the Lord."

(PRWEB) April 24, 2011 -- Homeland Entertainment Group, headquartered in Gallatin, TN
is proud to announce the launch of their newest label Monteagle Records. Monteagle will
be Homeland’s home for Christian Country and Christian Bluegrass artists. “Monteagle Records
was a vision for both Bob Jones and myself and I am excited to report that we are already
signing some very talented artists,” stated Scott Godsey, Vice President at Homeland.
Homeland recently signed Marty Raybon, former lead singer of the country band Shenandoah
and Mark Templeton, a very popular Christian Bluegrass musician and singer from western North Carolina.
Raybon has a remarkable list of career accomplishments including multiple number one
country singles, top selling albums, CMA, ACM, IBMA and Grammy Awards. He has performed
literally thousands of concerts and his contributions to the recording industry have sold well
into the millions. Raybon’s latest single released by Homeland called “You’ve Got to Move”
captures his electric style of musical and vocal abilities. Digital downloads of this song will
be available in May 2011.
Mark Templeton nicknamed “The Boy from the Blue Ridge” learned to pick and sing at a very
young age. Entertaining for more than 35 years Templeton has cut over 20 albums. Today he
continues to thrill audiences by picking out songs in the traditional mountain bluegrass way.
His latest single release entitled “I’ll Just Pick This Banjo” will surely be a crowd pleaser.
“Homeland is honored to have artists as talented as Raybon and Templeton,” quoted Godsey.
Monteagle has also signed Bucky Thomas, Mark Brown, True Gospel, The Cockman Family and
Liepers Fork Bluegrass to their recording roster.
Homeland Entertainment Group and Monteagle Records appear to have a strategy for steady
but controlled growth and are sure to attract their share of national talent. From the looks of
their latest signings Homeland is definitely positioning themselves as the record label group to watch.
February 16, 2011 (MMD Newswire) -- MontEagle Records, a division of Nashville, TN based
record label, Homeland Entertainment Group, is pleased to announce the signing of Christian
Country Artist, Mark Brown to its 2011 recording roster. According to Homeland Vice
President/General Manager, Scott Godsey, Mark is scheduled to begin recording his debut album
with MontEagle in the spring of 2011.
For several years Mark performed as a popular country music entertainer but following the
birth of his daughter he made the decision to come off the road so that he could spend more
time at home. Although he temporarily stopped touring, Mark continued to sing. However,
no longer was he performing in the clubs and bars, he was now sharing his gift in church
and in his local community of Russellville, Kentucky.
According to Homeland's Director of Artist Relations, Bev McCann, "We are all excited about
Mark signing with MontEagle and the release of his upcoming recording project. We are
simply delighted to welcome Mark Brown to the Homeland family of Artists".
Mark's first original single release "Witness" is now being played nationwide via radio
active airplay and charted #2 nationwide on RAA Southern Gospel Charts.  Witness is
also available on cd, for information on how to get your copy visit the contact page.

    Mark has recently started on his brand new cd in Nashville, TN. with the Homeland
Entertainment-MontEagle Record Label. This new and exciting cd is expected to be
released in late August. Contact us now to get your copy.
    Mark has recently been voted in the top 5 for "2011 New Artist of the Year" by the
United States Association of Gospel Musicians and Entertainers based out of
Nashville, TN. The Gospel awards show  and convention will be held in November
at the Texas Troubadour Theatre in Nashville, TN.

    Mark is wanting to come to your place of worship and share God's word through song.
Contact us today and book your 2011 or 2012 event. May God get all the Glory for all that is done. :: Band Website Design Builder